Ice col Trek

Makalu Ice Col is a classic trekking trail that takes you across the technically challenging Sherpani Col, West Col and Amphu Lapcha La Pass More »

Tsum valley trek

The remote Tsum Valley is one of the hidden gems of Nepal. Tsum Valley is known as the Beyul Kyimolung, the holy hidden valley of happiness More »

Panch Pokhari trek

Panch Pokhari trekking lies in the north-eastern part of Sindhupalchowk district, direction from the Kathmandu valley. ‘Panch’ More »

Damodar Kunda (lake) Trek

The Damodar Kunda (lake) is famous for Hindu religion as well as is situated rain shadow are of High Himalayas north of More »

About Nepal

Nepal is a small land locked country lies on South Asia. This beautiful country lies between China and India. India touches three border of Nepal More »



Trekking in Nepal

Treks in Nepal

Trekking has become the most popular and most rewarding activity in Nepal, and travellers will be bombarded both online and on the streets of the capital Kathmandu with guides, organised tours and gear. The huge variety of options allows for people of many ages and capabilities to attempt a trek in the country. One one hand, you could spend a year planning an expedition to wild and lofty places that few would dare attempt; however, on the other, you could land in Kathmandu with no plans and be on the trail to the Everest Base Camp in a matter of days.

With many of the tallest peaks on Earth, a tradition that has outlived the ages and some of the most beautiful landscapes to be witnessed, trekking in Nepal is without a doubt one of the unique experiences of Asia. Eight of the top ten highest summits in the world reside in this small landlocked nation, and with few roads penetrating the country’s mountainous interior, the only way to get there is to walk.

Adventure Peak Climbing Nepal

Adventure Peak Climbing Nepal

Your small daypack may include camera, water bottle, and warm jacket or rain wear. Treks are planned for gradual acclimatization in higher altitudes day begins with hot tea, warm washing water and a light breakfast. You may walk 8-10 mails over rough and sometimes steep trails for 6-8 hours. Walking at your own pace, a friendly guide will be nearby. A delicious hot lunch will be ready for you at a scenic spot after the morning hike tea, time at the end of the day is for relaxation and sharing. Sherpas helper will set up two-person tents, a toilet tent and dining tent complete with portable table and stools for your comfort.

We operate two types of treks:

Nepal Lodge Trek

Camp Trekking in Nepal

Trekking Style

F.I.T. These we put together for individuals, small groups of friend or families who wish to enjoy their treks on their own (not joined by other trekkers).
Group Treks on fixed Dates. The group treks are planned for departure on Fixed dates and are joined by individuals from different countries


Everest Region

Mount Everest the world’s highest peak lies in this region. It is the home of legendary Sherpas who have earned face in climbing mountains. Most of the inhabitants are still in trekking and climbing as sirdars. The climax of this trek in Everest base camp. Starting points are varied. One can start from Jiri or fly into Phaplu or Lukla and begin the trek. Walk till the base camp making side trip to Thame, Gokyo and Chukung. Finally retrace back to Lukla.


Annapurna Region

Central Nepal is dominated by Annapuma range. Diversity in landscape and culture has made this region as one of the most popular destination for the trekkers. Trekking points are varied from short trip to strenuous around Annapurna. Most of the inhabitants in this region are Gurungs and Thakalis. As you trek in this region the giant peaks Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Fish Tail and other minor peaks are always around you. There are sights of Buddhist and Hindus pilgrimage. Kaligandagi flows through the deepest gorge. This region has become an exemplary conservation area in the world. Itinerary and full description send by mail.


Round Manaslu

This region features the three mountains of Manaslu (81 63m) Peak 29 (7871m) and Himal Chuli (7893m.) ranging from north to south. This region is recently opened for trekkers. It is a fascinating trek, begins anti-clockwise direction from mid hill to alpine zone encountering diverse culture including a miniature Tibet and formidable Larke La (5275m.)


Langtang Helambu

The legend says while a lama following the run away Yak had found this beautiful valley. “Lang” means Yak (Dhang) Tang means to follow. Inhabitants are mostly Tamangs, very much similar to Tibetan in their costume and culture. They are more akin to Tibetans than their cousins in the mid hills of Nepal. Though there is no flight, the region is easily accessible from Kathmandu to its proximity. Within short days you are closer to the snowcapped mountains, glaciers and high passes.

Tourism in Nepal

Sightseeing in The Kathmandu, Nepal

Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley

Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Valley is the capital and largest Municipality of Nepal.  Kathmandu is the core of Nepal’s largest agglomeratin located in the Kathmandu valley consisting of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kritipur, Madhyapur thimi and a number of smaller communities. It is basically a cultural city. The cultural heritage of the Kathmandu valley is illustrated by seven groups of monuments and building which display the full range of historic and artistic achievement. Out of ten UNESCO world heritage sites seven are located in the Kathmandu valley. The seven include the Darbar squares of Hanuman dhoka, Patan darbar square, Bhaktapur darbar square, the Buddhist stupas of swayambhu and Boudhanath, the Hindu temples Pasupatinath and The Changu Narayan. There are different mythology found about the formation of the Kathmandu valley. According to the swayambhu puran, the Kathmandu valley was once a lake and Manjushree cut a gorge at a place called chovar and drain out all the water for human settlement. Since then it was believed that human settlement started in the valley and after that many dynasties ruled over Kathmandu valley. Newar are the indigenous inhabitant and creators of the human civilization of the Kathmandu valley. They have contributed for the fabulous cities and artistic temples.

Kathmandu (Ktm) Darbar square

Kathmadu Darbar Square

Kathmadu Darbar Square

The Kathmandu (ktm) darbar square is also known as a royal place of the former Kathmandu kingdom and one of the three Durbar squares in the Kathmandu valley in whole Nepal, all of which are UNESCO World heritage sites. It is surrounded with spectacular architecture and The vividly showcase the skills of the newar artists and craftsmen over several centuries. This was built during the malla and shah dynasty. The main attraction of the Kathmandu durbar squares are Hanuman dhoka palace, kumara ghar( Adode of th living goddess), Taleju temple, Nautalle Durbar( nine stored palace). The durbar square is a social, religious and urban city.

Patan (Ptn) Darbar Square

Patan Durbar Square Area

Patan Durbar Square Area

It is the place listed in the world heritage site with enchanting mélange of palace building, artistic courtyards and graceful pagoda temples. The formal royal palace is the center of patan’ religious and social life and houses a muesuem containing an array of bronze statues and religious objects. There are three main country yards or chowks so named mulchowk, sundarichowk, and keshav Narayan in the square. The sundarichowk holds its center a master piece of stone architecture, the royal bath called Tushanihity.
Krishna mandir the Nepal finest piece of stone architecture. Siddhi narshing, a passionate devotee of krisnna, dreamed that radha and Krishna united here in this place. Thismagnificent temple delicates the creation of heavy material that consists scene of scene of Hindu holy book.

Bhaktapur (Bkt) Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Darbar Square Nepal

Bhaktapur Darbar Square Nepal

It is also one of the place that you can overcome with the feeling of inner harmony. The art and architecture is the main attraction of this square with the special layout like: 55 window, king bhupatindra, national art gallery, the golden gate and many others amongst the three durbar Bhaktapur is said and preserved to be the best one. It is a conglomeration of pagoda and shikhar style temple grounded temple of brick and wood. This square is the charming architecture showpiece of the valley as it highlight the ancient arts of Nepal.
The golden gate is most excotic and richly molded specimen of its kind in the entire world. The door is surmounted by a figure of the Goddess kali & the garuda (the mythical man bird) and attended two heavenly nymphs. Thegate was erected by king Ranjit Malla & is the entrance of the courtyard of the palace of fifty five window palace.
The next attraction of Bhaktapur is Dattattraya temple consecrated by KingYakshyaMalla. According to the belief it was built out of single wood trunk and just beside the temple is a monastery with exquisite carvings.
The five storyed temple mainly known as the Nyatapola temple is a pagoda style built by Bhupatindra Malla that stands on five terraces on which squat a pair of figure who famous wrestlers, two elephants, two lions, two griffins and bhaghini and singhini- the tiger and the lion goddesses. This is the one of the tallest pagoda temple in the Kathmandu valley and is famous for its massive structure and subtle workmanship.




Swayambhunath temple located in the top of the hillock on western side of the Kathmandu valley. The stupas is the holiest Buddhist site and listed in the world heritage. It is one of the oldest and glorious Buddhist shrine.



Baudhanath Nepal


It is the largest stupa in the valley. It is most fascinating specimen of stupa design with 108 small images of Buddha all around and has watchful eye around its four side like in swayambhunath.


Changu Narayan

Changu Narayan Temple


It is the one of the finest example of the pagoda architecture. It is said to be the oldest pagoda temple in Nepal and carved with the finest exquisite wood and stone carving. It is also listed in world heritage.



Pasupatinath Temple Nepal


Pasupatinath is one of the scared hindu religious temple in the world. This is the temple of lord shiva and holiest temple of all the shiva shrines. Many pilgrims and shadus visit this temple from other countries too on the occasion of ‘Mahashivaratri’.



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