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Nepal is one of the most beautiful  country in the world which lies in between two neighbouring Countries. It is due to landlocked country, Nepal is depend upon  them. Nepal covers an area  of 1,47,181 sq. Km. About 30 million populations has been settled. After conquering small states,The great king prithivi Maryann shah decelared an independent sovereign state where indegineous people live together. Indegineous people followed various cultures, tradition, norms  and values, ethnic etc. The culture of Nepal is made up of the blending of the two great Hindu and Buddhist religions. Beside that Nepal is enriched in natural diversity. Though Nepal lies in the lap of mighty Himalayas. It consists of natural resources , flora ,funna and rich in varied landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, green valleys and terraces. The entire northern boarder is lined with slavery peaks of the Himalayas. World highest peak Mount Everest is situated in Nepal. Because of diversity of nature,  culture variations, tourism industry play important role  for development  of the country not only it’s motivates the country,  to proceed  and medium for livehood of the people.

Everest Base Camp with Uttam Kc
Way to Everest Base Camp with Uttam Kc


In a contrary for uplifting the tourism industry in the country. International tourism development industry board Was established in 1957 which was linked up with the ministry of Industry. Later on international tourism development board transfered to the care of the ministry of transport and communications. A new step was taken in 1959 that was the directorate with a director and a separate staff was constituted and it began to function as the nucleus of an organisation vehemently working for the promotion of tourism in the country. Later, the ministry of the public works transport and communications department was transferred to wing of the ministry of commerce and industry

Tourism in Nepal

Furthermore, Nepal is traditionally a tourist country. It is depository of places of wide historical events, it is an ancient with a rich in culture heritage. There are so many historical places in Nepal which indirectly helping in the promotion of tourism industry. Traditional folks songs and colourful festivals are preserved all over the country so that it raises the potential of tourism In the country. It enlighten on the importance of tourism which can enlarge the tourist in Nepal. If there is proper utilisation of available and concept of protection and preservation of available resources and cultural heritage, historical events in the mind of people it somehow added extracolour in the field of tourism industry. Nepal is the tourist area. It has 8of the top 10highest mountain in the world. Nepal is well known for natural beauty. There are many world heritage site. Nepal is lucky enough due to availability of adventure opportunity such as trekking, hiking, peakclimbing, jungle safari river rafting, bunny and sewing, diversity of sight seeing, cultural site and many more.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal has its own identity in the world in natural beauty and in its culture. Nepal is one of touristic area in the world because it has many natural beauty and world heritage site .Nepal has many adventure opportunity such as trekking ,hiking peak, climbing ,jungle safari etc. Nepal is appropriate place for trekking because it has 8 mountains among top 10 world mountains .Trekking means journey to be undertaken on foot for sight seeing in areas where normally modern transportation system is absent .Trekking is suitable for all age person who are physically fit and enjoy walking.

Among them trekking is one of the most fascinating subject matter for foreigner. Trekking is one of the irreplaceable beauty for tourist. For example trekking by the Himalayas standard is not a wildness back packing experience but a means of transportation to get from one mountain village to another through terrain where vehicles cannot go. In wide term trekking means journey to be undertaken on foot for sight seeing in area where normally modern transport system is not available.

For the convience of visitor special trekking, tour package has design. Like, tour package is for all age group who are physically fit and enjoy walking. Porters carry all gear expect what a person need to the days walk. Foreigner or visitor could spend a year planning an expedition to wild and lofty places that few would dare attempt. However, foreigner could land in Kathmandu with no plans and be on the trail to the Everest base camp trekking or ABC Trek in a matter of days. At last there is widescop in tourism industry if we thoroughly investment in this sector. If the investigator give priority on extra facilities like accommodation. Home stay, hospitality,. Obviously Nepal will be good destination for foreigner. Local people get opportunity.Many tourist take interest to come Nepal and relish with the beauty of Nepal.