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Kathmandu city tour - Ancient arts and artitectures, cultures, traditions, craftworks in stone pillars, walls, wooden doorsand windows, statues and antique palaces, temples, monuments are always fascinating.

Trip offer cost – USD $ 90 pp | Trekking Grade – Easy | Trip Duration : 6 hours

Kathmandu is well-known as a capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is also popular as a kantipur in its ancient name. Kathmandu has been ruled by many mallas, lichhavi, shahs kings. This city is collection of many old temples and monuments in ever corner of the city. UNESCO World heritage are located this city:- bhaktapur dubar square, kathmandu durbar square, Patan durbar square, Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath stupa and changu narayan temple are some of them. Many native people are newar and their newari culture, tradition and lifestyle are very much beautiful and awesome. Their good hospitality makes you feel best experience about their cultures and lifestyles. Mostly hindu and buddhist people are living here. You can find different artistic styles and structures of monuments, temples and palaces in every corner of the place and society. Admiring around the streets of city will make you interest with the people’s norms, values and lifestyle. Their own traditional food and places makes your journey enjoyful. You can enjoy the sightseeing from hillstation like chandragiri.

Kathmandu Durbar Square : Malla kings built this palace with full of arts and artitectures, designs by mud, craftworks stone bricks wooden pillars in the medieval period. The art, architecture, craftworks and designs manifested in the pillars, buildings and windows of the palace are magnificent. In Hanuman Dhoka, a big statue of Hanuman is placed in front of a gate in the durbar which is a masterpiece. Kasthapmandap is also an example. There are many more ancient places to see.

Swayambhunath stupa – This is the oldest Buddhist Stupa in Kathmandu Valley which lies on a summit of a hill. You can find many native and d foreigners are busy in watching the views of kathmandu valley. You can see many monkeys and well known as Monkey Temple. Large statues of Buddha, monasteries and ghumbas are the main attraction points.

Pashupatinath temple – The oldest UNESCO world heritage listed temple of Lord Shiva where only hindus are allowed. Many native and foreigners hindu pilgrimages are arrive here for worship. You can find many ancient buildings, temples, monuments and statues of gods. Near the temples there is bagmati river and crematorium where dead bodies are burnt into ashes. The unique features Sandhus – people who have rubbed their body with ashes and have dread locked is a unique feature to see here.

Boudhanath stupa – It is the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Monks busy chanting their ritual going around this temple. It is the holiest stupa outside Tibet which holds high value amongst Buddhist pilgrimage. The white dome and the glittering golden coloured spire with an eye that symbolized peace is the unique feature of this stupa. The stupa lies on three layered stairs that gives a look of mandala.


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