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Trekking Nepal info pvt. Ltd. was established in a collaboration with highly experience trekkers working in tourism sectors many years. trekking Nepal info is totally  based on travel and tours which brings travels package time to time. This agency was established in order to promote tourism in Nepal. focussing on the people’s interest, trekking Nepal info pvt.Ltd began. It offer package like city tours, culture, religious tour, trekking, rafting along with its also offer India, Bhutan, Tibet and whole Nepal trip. To provide quality service to the people, trekking in Nepal info pvt. Ltd stand with warm hearted staffs, experience guides, tour officers and drivers. Nepal is rich in bio diversity where you can see beautiful Scenery

different kinds of flora and fanna can be seen. It is due to geographical the southern plain is called terai where temperature might about 40 degree c on the other hand Himalayan region where temperature below -10 degree c. In Nepal 863 kinds of birds, 15000 kinds of butterfly including one horn rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tigers, and two types of crocodiles lying everywhere in the river. 16 national national park including hunting parks and wildlife reserves.

if travellers wants to go bottom of the forest in order  to view the wild one horn rhino, tiger wild buffalo, musk deer, leopard. Trekking Nepal info manage elephant safari for the convinence of traveller. Not only Nepal is touch with natural beauty but also familiar with culture,  Two hundred and eighty million follow Hindu. Rest of them follow, Christan ethics group of people settle in Nepal.
103 different ethnic groups settle in Nepal. Each ethnic people have their own culture, language, customs, and traditions. People worship 33 million of god and goddesses. 10 heritage sites of Nepal falls in the world heritage. And also Nepal is taken as the living museum  of the world. Under the leadership of well experience trekkers who was engaged in Tourism sector has proudly been established trekking info out ltd

As we know that Nepal is  the land in the lap of Himalayas and homeland of the brave Gurkhas reflects a marvellous creation of nature which is close to imagination. Trekking in Nepal proves to be most captivating journey while one experiences the true beauty of nature and a charismatic traditional lifestyle. Visit Nepal and you will find yourself wedged between the chains of snow capped mountains in a moment, lost in the portrayal of dense forested hills next day and in the tale of steamy plains next moment. Smell of the moist earth, morning bells, melodious birds chirping, Buddhist prayer and the warm greetings of people feels so mesmerising. Dazzled by the  lush landscapes, we bet you will not just sit back but cry out your heart in joy.

We have always been providing excellent services and we don’t take any kind of risk in case of customers. We have huge varieties of options from almost all part of Nepal to out countries like Tibet and Bhutan. We have made multicountry tour for those who want to cover all the countries at a time. We provide 24 hours service help if you have any problem with the packages and want to change according to your desire. Please feel free to contact us. We can assist you in every aspect and are ready to deal with your queries as possible because customer service is our main priority.

Not only the trekking service, we are always ready to fulfil your dream of flying like a bird with zip flyer and paragliding, bungee jump into a bottomless Himalayan gorge. Further, rafting  in the rivers and mountain climbing will add excitement in the trip. During trekking, you will achieve knowledge, pleasure and good health. Travelling from place to place gives space to observe multiple components of nature. Nepal is admired as one of the most suitable trekking destinations bounded by endless rural trails, tranquil lakes, elegant biodiversity, splashing rivers, white sparkling mountains, endless waterfalls, unique birds and animals.

Speaking honestly, these services are beyond any age group allowing capabilities to attempt a trek once a life time. Its obvious that wailing in nature induce good health; prevent heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol, body weight , controls diabetes , strengthens immune system, improve mental health and slow down ageing. Trekking provide you the  healing power to relax from your busy schedule.

We don’t say all other trekking options are bad however trekking in Nepal with our service provide us a chance to show our hospitality. You will not regret decision of choosing Nepal as destination and us for your company. Meanwhile, we will follow you as a shadow to ensure a safe, reliable and remarkable journey here.